We offer a full or partial management package covering all areas required for the success of your event.


‘They promised an exhilarating mix of state-of-the-art and completely-familiar, and they have delivered – spectacularly so in an interim venue which leaves you wondering just how much more wonderful the revamped main-house theatre will be when we get back to it next year.’

Chichester Observer

Over 3 million people have attended events in temporary venues managed by us.

Our team has managed major planning applications in central London and all the permits required for large temporary structures in California, two of the toughest and most complex consent processes in the world. We have been successful in every application we have made and met or exceeded building code and regulations at every one of our events.

We have unique insights around your choice of locations, bringing our understanding of the public experience and marketing perspective together with the technical essentials.

Our background means we can work with you to manage the growing need for low energy & sustainable events.

We have been managing risk, cost and teams from day one.

We provide:

  • Senior project management taking overall responsibility for the site and temporary venue
  • Building consents and planning applications, management, processing and named applicant status
  • Event licenses and permits, management processing and named applicant status
  • Site finding & tour planning
  • Project risk assessments
  • Event safety planning, documentation and fulfilment
  • Site-wide construction management
  • Event team HR
  • Day to day facilities management


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