We offer a comprehensive design and build service that will take your temporary venue project from conception to opening night.


“Deciding to build a temporary auditorium of this scale was a hugely ambitious, challenging and exciting project”,  “It couldn’t have been achieved without the vision and hard work of architect Teresa Hoskyns and theatre producer Mat Churchill, together with their team of engineers, builders and the riggers at the Festival Theatre.

Alan Finch, Executive Director at Chichester Festival Theatre.


In line with the specification you require and your budget, we will design and build your temporary venue from scratch or can assemble enhanced configurations of existing rental equipment.

Twenty years producing, moving and designing for temporary venues brings unparalleled experience and means we are not beginning a steep learning curve on your project.

In the last 5 years temporary venues designed by us have been installed in, San Francisco, Orange County CA, Atlanta, Chicago, Boston, Washington DC, Houston, Dallas, London UK and Chichester UK.

Our track record designing and constructing sophisticated venues for major productions around the world means we are uniquely able to bring first class judgement to bear on all the areas required in the design, manufacture and installation of the venue for your next production.

We provide:

  • The best possible audience experience
  • A real understanding of the needs of your production
  • Superior performer and technical facilities
  • Sophisticated acoustic design and sound protection
  • Low energy heating and cooling designs
  • Efficient build and operating costs
  • Viable installation and removal time-scales
  • A world class team

Our feasibility work provides all the key tools you will need to proceed

  • Initial designs
  • Budgets linked to differing specification levels
  • Draft schedules and risk analysis
  • Permitting viability reports
  • Presentations to your board and other stakeholders

Once approved our design and build service comprises:

  • Final Designs & Budgets
  • Planning applications
  • Manufacture
  • Delivery, Installation and Removal

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